Vote YES on Measure L
Your YES vote is critical -- we need 66.7% support to pass the measure, which means we need every single school supporter to vote YES on Measure L!


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Talk to your neighbors, friends, parents at your school, and organizations you are involved in

Let them know that Measure L is a Parcel Tax RENEWAL. It does not raise taxes. Passing Measure L will help ensure we don't have to cut counselors, increase class sizes, and cut academic programs in our local schools.

Share this website with them for more information:

Seniors are eligible for exemption - encourage them to vote yes. This Measure will make a huge difference for all of the students in their community and help their property values

Encourage everyone you meet to vote yes! Every vote matters.


Ask 20 of your friends to join you in advocating for Measure L

Email, text, call your friends and ask them to pass on the message to support Measure L.

Let us know on social media when you have reached 20 people!

If you have any questions, please contact the Measure L Team at

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